Attwood LED Pole Mount Bi-Color Sidelight

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3591-14-7 3592-14-7
3591-14-7 3592-14-7
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  • Attwood LED Pole Mount Bi-Color Sidelight 3592-14-7
  • Attwood LED Pole Mount Bi-Color Sidelight  3591-14-7
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Attwood LED Pole Mount Bi-Color Sidelight  3591-14-7 3592-14-7 

Attwood's popular stowaway pole mounted bi-color lights are now available in LED form. Attwood has once again incorporated its proprietary LED technology to provide an extremely durable, long lasting and energy efficient navigational light. Each light features an anodized pole that raises the light head above the trolling motor, anchor or other equipment mounted to the bow. When not in use, lights can be removed from the base and stowed.

The locking collar poles offer  Universal Fit  because customers can use them with a wide variety of Attwood 2- and 3- pin straight or angled bases. They even work as replacements in competitive bases, including Perko brand bases.


  • Compatible with both Attwood and Perko bases
  • 2.4 watts at 12VDC - the lowest power draw on the market today
  • Lights are completely sealed and watertight
  • LED technology keeps lights cool to the touch and is rated for 50,000+ hours of use
  • Built-in "Tell Tale" indicators
  • Provide 1-mile, 225° light visibility
  • 10 Year Warranty


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