COAX & Connectors

COAX & Connectors

  • Shakespeare

    Shakespeare 4078-50 50ft RG-8X 50-Ohm low loss coax

    MSRP: $71.03
    The cable that connects your antenna to your radio can make or break signal quality–literally. Shakespeare offers a range of coaxial cables tailored to the needs of marine communications, and to withstand the rigors of the boating environment. ...
  • Shakespeare

    Shakespeare 4080-50 50ft Lo-Max

    MSRP: $49.95
    Higher frequencies, especially those of today's cell phones, which operate at very low power, greatly emphasize the importance of high quality coax. Shakespeare has developed its exclusive Lo-Max® cable for dual band cellular antennas. Its extra low...
  • Shakespeare

    Shakespeare PL-259-8X-G Connector

    MSRP: $13.70
    Shakespeare offers an extensive line of marine grade connectors and adapters for antenna installations.   • PL-259 connector with UG176 adapter & DooDad for RG-8X cable. • Gold-plated brass to better withstand the elements...
  • Shakespeare

    Shakespeare PL-259-CP Solderless Centerpin Connector

    MSRP: $16.45
    The revolutionary new Centerpin® PL-259 connector, winner of the 1997 IMTEC Innovation Award in Electronics and the CES Design Innovation award, is a solderless, fret-less, botchless connector that goes on without a hitch, without heat, and without...