• Attwood Hydro-Stabilizer 9400-7


    Attwood Hydro-Stabilizer 9400-7

    MSRP: $50.08
    Attwood Hydro-Stabilizer 9400-7 Gives outboards and stern drives a performance boost, improving both stability and handling. The Hydro-Stabilizer outperforms ordinary flat hydrofoils by reducing drag when the hull goes on plane. Installs on a large...
  • Davis 440 Doel-Fin Stabilizer Fin Hydrofoils


    Davis 440 Doel-Fin Stabilizer Fin Hydrofoils

    MSRP: $37.99
    Doel-Fin is the original hydrofoil developed by an aeronautical engineer to improve overall performance on all boats with outboard motors or outdrive units.   Molded in two pieces of guaranteed unbreakable, high-strength plastic, each foil is...
  • Davis

    Davis 448 Whale Tail XL Stabilizer

    MSRP: $67.99
    Whale Tail XL Aluminum Stabilizer and Ski Boat Fin Improves performance in any I/O or outboard motor! The Whale Tail XL extends out behind the prop to utilize prop wash energy which is normally lost. Whale Tail transforms this energy into lift for...