Hobie Wave Jib Hardware Kit

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Hobie Wave Jib Hardware Kit 3899-9001

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Adding a jib sail will bring your Wave sailing up a level. More sail area (Jib adds 25 sq ft) equals more speed and performance in light wind conditions. The Wave jib accelerates learning and encourages participation of your crew in sailing. Hobie's jib hardware kit comes complete with bow spreader pole, all the nuts, bolts, and blocks required.


  • Bow Spreader Pole (IS included, but not in photo)
  • All the nuts, bolts, and blocks required
  • Order jib separately 

Note: We carry an extensive selection of Hobie parts in stock -- and if we don't have what you need, we can get it! 


Club Wave Jib Hardware Kit Installation instructions

1) Install bow spreader tangs on each bow under existing bridle wire tang as shown. Pin faces towards center.

2) With trampoline loosened, force hulls apart and place bow spreader in position on pins installed on bows.

3) Jib Cleat mounting plate

Due to the different trampoline arrangement on the Club Wave, there are a few differences in the installation of the jib cleat mounting plate. The difference is that the trampoline is mounted in a track on the Club and the "tramp mounting hook" found on the standard Wave is not attached to the hull. The mounting plate will be installed behind/underneath the trampoline track. This will require loosening a number of the tramp track mounting screws to allow the plate to be inserted under the track. The plate will be attached to the location as noted in the diagram below. You will use the lower two of the four holes in the plate to place the swivel cleat above the tramp track level.
Notes: The access holes are not drilled through the tracks on boats built prior to May 15th '96. Refer to drilling information below in that case.

1) Loosen tramp track screws 6 through 13 approximately 6 turns each (do not remove the screws as there is a plate on the inside of the hull that may become misaligned).
2) Insert the mounting plate behind the tramp track.
3) Remove and or Install the plate mounting screws (2) and tighten.
4) Re-tighten the trampoline track screws.

For boats without the insert access holes pre-drilled in the tramp tracks...Loosen track screws as above. Wedge track away from hull to drill two 1/2" access holes through tramp track. These larger holes will enable you to access insert holes (2).

4. Install jib halyard block on pig tail and place pigtail on shroud shackle next to forestay wire and between the two shroud wires. It is a tight fit but works great.


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